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The Historic Grain Silos of Carrollton

Anthropologists claim that one of the earliest signs of civilization among human societies is the building of grainaries. The creation of special buildings to store threshed grains for times of famine, cold or drought, to manufacture not only flour for human consumption but feed for domestic animals, and to preserve the seed of one harvest (especially the most bountiful or resistant harvests) for the planting of the next crop is a sign of human cooperation, community, and foresight that precedes and also predicts the flowering of a civilization. If that is the case, then the Old Downtown Square of Carrollton, Texas houses behind its east side an historic treasure of the Dallas-Fort Worth region of north Texas.  The two extant buildings of a large grain and feed operation sit snugly close to the railroad line a few yards from the old town square as a relic of the days when the towns around DFW formed a matrix of large and small family farms which fed into the great grain-growing plains of Middle America and thus into the heart of America itself. Such agricultural operations still exist in this country, but most are absorbed in the distant insides of large corporate farms, where their existence and and certainly their intimacy with local efforts and enterprise is largely invisible. The city of Carrollton is fortunate to have an intact and well-preserved example of a family agricultural operation from the last century, one which was integrated into the community by its presence near the center of town and by the family that lived in the town and helped to build both. This remarkable remnant of the past is the extant buildings (including a giant concrete storage tower) of the Blanton Grain Company.

-Marion Blanton  - Feb 9th, 2009


Meet the Team

Our dedicated staff

Chris Gibson

Climbing Mentor

The privilege of being a Rock Climbing Instructor at the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center is more than I could ask for.  I get the opportunity on a constant basis to teach individuals the craft of rock climbing outdoors.

Ben Wright

Director of Operations/ GM

In 2012 Ben was introduced to climbing and never looked back. He began working at the silos providing maintenance for the facility and after years of hard work he now leads operations, manages the gym, and guides trips. If you need to get something done, he's the guy to call.

Dusty Pilgrim

Assistant Manager/ Nature Guide

Dusty has been guiding with the NTOPC since 2008. He is a North Texas Chapter Master Naturalist and has experience working for the Boy Scouts of America, the Caldwell Zoo, The Dallas Museum of Natural History. Dusty is also the host of a nature series call Tracking Texas.

Jonny Villanueva

Climbing Instructor/ Guide

I started climbing two years ago at the silos and I have been forever grateful, it’s more of a lifestyle as well as an escape from reality. I learned how to lead climb, multi pitch, self belay, solo lead climb, ascend, set routes and even aid climb all in the silos. Come find me if you got any questions on rock climbing, techniques, and/or equipment. I’ll admit I don't know everything about climbing but hey there's nothing wrong with always having something new to learn.

Tanner Fontenot

Lead Route Setter/ Lead Guide

Tanner is our resident jack of all trades. You can find him setting routes, performing maintenance, teaching advanced courses, and guiding our trips. He even makes the t-shirts we sell at the gym in-house. His willingness to learn has made him the MacGyver of climbing gyms.



Marie Lord

Social Media/ Climbing Instructor