What is a Crag?

Any cliff or group of cliffs suitable for climbing. From a climbers standpoint any area suitable for outdoor rock climbing.

How are the Silos different than other climbing gyms?

Rock climbing at the Silos is just like climbing outdoors, we use the same equipment and the same techniques. We treat the Silos just like any other crag, meaning you can not just walk up and start rock climbing, ropes are not just hanging there and it has the potential to be dangerous. And as such if you want to climb there you have two choices, hire a guide or go through the process of learning to rock climb.

I want to climb at the Silos, whats the process?

If you and or your group are just looking for a fun day of rock climbing then one of our climbing guides will teach you the basics of tying into the rope and will manage the rope while you climb for the day. This is called guided climbing. Guided climbing is available seven days a week from 12pm to 6pm.

I want to learn to climb on my own in the Silos, whats the process?

Rock climbing has the potential to be dangerous and your safety is our utmost importance so climbing in the silos without a guide requires you to be able to successfully take our basics course, pass our climber belay and safety test that will test you and your partners ability to safely tie in to the rope, belay and lower the climber with an ATC style belay device and use climbing commands while climbing before being allowed to climb in the silos without a guide. You can learn to climb on your own in the Silos by joining our Climbing Guides for an Introduction to Rock Climbing available Monday thru Friday from 12pm - 6pm. This will allow you to climb at the Silos anytime.

If I come to climb will I be climbing with a group?

Once you and or your group learn the basics you will be with one of our Guides and other climbers that are out for a day of climbing. Just like any other crag some days are busier than others but we are a community, so expect to be with others.

Does it get crowded there? Will I have to wait for a climb?

Just like any other crag, it depends on when you climb. Some days are more popular than others and is dependent on weather, holidays, day of the week, Saturday or Sunday, the less difficult routes may have more climbers than harder routes.

I do not have a partner, can I climb alone?

Yes, for guided climbing you do not need a partner since the guide is managing the rope for you but you may be climbing with other climbers that are out for a day of climbing.

Do you offer memberships?

Not in the traditional gym membership way. Annual membership at the Silos is done by joining our climbing coalition, which is a community of local outdoor climbers that call the Silos their home crag.

Can I learn to climb outdoor at the Silos?

Yes, as a member of the Silo Climbers Coalition you can learn to climb outdoors, it's one of the benefits of being a member. If you would like to learn to climb outdoor just shoot us an email and we will set up a meeting to discuss your goals.