Indoor Climbing Gym

There are two ways you can climb at the Silos. One is to be guided, the other is to learn to rock climb.

First Time at the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center

Guided Climbing

Anyone can climb at the Silos.  All first time guests to the Silos will complete our liability forms prior to participation, will be issued climbing gear and one of our Climbing Guides will take you through our Basics Course where you will learn to "tie into" the rope with the figure eight follow through which is the standard climbers knot.  Our Guides will then introduce you to the sport of rock climbing and guide you through the different climbing areas, give you basic climbing technique tips and will manage the rope while you climb selected routes within the Silos.

If you and or your group are just looking for a fun day of rock climbing then one of our climbing guides will teach you the basics of tying into the rope and will manage the rope while you climb for the day. Guided climbing is available seven days a week from 12pm to 6pm. Basics Course $8.00

Climbing on your Own

Your safety is of utmost importance while you are our guests here so climbing in the silos without a guide requires you to be able to successfully take our Intro to Rock Climbing, pass our climber belay and safety test that will test you and your partners ability to safely tie in to the rope, belay and lower the climber and use climbing commands while climbing before being allowed to climb in the silos without a guide.

You can learn to climb on your own in the Silos by joining our Climbing Guides for an Introduction to Rock Climbing available Monday thru Friday from 12pm - 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 4pm. This will allow you to climb at the Silos anytime. Intro to Rock Course $15.00

Experienced Climbers

Experienced climbers that know how to tie in and belay or that has taken our Intro to Rock Course are free to climb whenever we are open.  If you do not have a climbing partner one of our experienced climbing guides will be happy to climb with you, guide fee applies.

Experienced climbers that already know how to Tie-In and Belay with an ATC will go through a thorough belay and tie in check with one of our climbing instructors prior to climbing.  If our instructors need to correct you or your partner on any safety issues the check off will be stopped and you will be required to take the Basics Course.

Silo Climbers Coalition Annual Dues

Silo Climbers Coalition annual dues are $500.00 per year, which gives you one year of crag access, SCC climbing trips, volunteer opportunities, gear discounts, SCC crag events and more.

Daily Rates

Guided Climbing

Monday - Sunday 12pm - 6pm

$30.00 Day Pass and Gear, Guide Fee

$8.00 Basics Course

Intro to Rock Climbing  

Monday - Friday 12pm - 6pm

$20.00 Day Pass and Gear

$15.00 Intro to Rock Climbing Course

Day Pass Experienced Climbers

Monday - Friday 12pm - 10pm

$20.00 - Good for the entire day (group rates avail)

$5.00 Gear Package harness, chalk bag, ATC

$20.00 Guide Fee

$15.00 Kids Day Pass - 13 & under

$3 Shoe Rental

$10 Lead Gear Rental

Membership Rates

SCC Annual Dues

Annual Dues $500.00

$65 - 5 Day Pass Punch Card

$125 - 10 Day Pass Punch Card

Group Events

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