Indoor Climbing Gym

First Time at the North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center.  New climbers to the NTOPC must be able to pass the belay test to rock climb here in the silos.  New climbers can learn to tie into the rope with a figure eight follow thru knot and to belay with an ATC style belay device with one of our climbing instructors by taking our Basics Course.  You will then spend some time climbing in our training room before heading into the silos to conquer the big walls.  Allow at least one hour for check in and instruction.  Courses are offered every 30 min. on a first come first serve basis.

Experienced climbers that already know how to Tie-In and Belay with an ATC will go through a thorough belay and tie in check with one of our climbing instructors prior to climbing.  If our instructors need to correct you or your partner on any safety issues the check off will be stopped and you will be required to take the Basics Course.



All of the reviews you have read about us are true, good and bad, we earned each and every one of them and we own it.. We are rock climbers, this is our playground, we are passionate about what we do, but also human.

After 2000+ reviews, you are not writing anything that has not been written about us before.

Yes you will have to pay $8.00 to go through our Basics Course, please do not act surprised when we tell you that.  Do your research It's all over the Internet!!

This is a rock climbing gym and climbing is hard, especially if you are coming in off the couch. I guarantee it gets easier if you keep trying.

If you are looking for air conditioning, please visit in the Winter or go to the movies, if you are looking for heat please visit in the Summer or go to the movies, if it is raining outside it may seem like it's raining inside, It is a grain silo, built in 1950 and re-purposed to a climbing gym , if we had to heat and air condition the place no one would be able to afford to climb here and if you can't be outside even when your inside then just stay at home.  Again do your research, it's all over the Internet.

Yes there is the slight possibility you could show up and we are closed (rare). There are only a few of us that work here and I rather have the best behind my counter and instructing you on how to be safe and not get yourself hurt while you are here. I would rather be closed than to have mediocre staff and instructors.

Sometimes our restrooms are not spotless but I guarantee you will not catch some strange disease if you use them, and I am sure you have been in worse.

Keep your attitude to yourself!! Our staff is super cool and chill, but if you walk in here with your attitude it will be met right back with an attitude. We only want good vibes please.

If you are trying to call us on a Saturday or Sunday, we are busy taking care of our guests. We do not have staff sitting around waiting for you to call with questions that can easily be answered on our website or by Google, like what time do you open today? How Much is it?

There are six or seven other climbing gyms in DFW and they are all great in what they do. Try one of those.

If you do have an issue please have the decency to let us know while you are here.  That way it allows us to address it right away.

Stay Gold,

Christopher Gibson


Daily Rates

Day Pass

$15 - Good for the entire day. Gear sold separately (group rates avail)

Day Pass + Gear

$20.00 - Day pass with harness, chalkbag, carabiner and ATC belay device (group rates avail.)

$12 Kids Day Pass - 13 & under

$8 Basics Course - Required for those that cannot pass a belay test

$3 Shoe Rental

$7 Lead Gear Rental

Membership Rates

$50 Monthly - Indoor Gym Membership

$375.00 Single Annual Membership

$500.00 Annual with Buddy/Family

$65 - 5 Day Pass Punch Card

$125 - 10 Day Pass Punch Card

Group Events

Call 972-446-0105 for pricing

Group Event

Birthday Party

Lock - In

Team Building