Intermediate Climbing Trips

This is where you can take your climbing dreams to the next level with locations like Colorado and Cuba. These trips are NOT for beginners. They're for climbers who already have most of the required gear and who have conquered the basics of top-roping, sport climbing, and rappelling. As a benefit of membership, NTOPC Outdoor Members receive discounts for these events.

Will there be someone to train me on-site?

In short, no. These trips are specifically designed for those who already have the knowledge. However, NTOPC Guides will always be present to ensure security and proper use of equipment by filling in gaps in knowledge, not so much starting from scratch.

What do I need to bring?

At this point in your climbing adventures, you should already be taking into account the locations of climbing and camping, weather, and potential days you'll be away from civilization. NTOPC can provide rental climbing harnesses, helmets, backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags but we don't have the cash to give everyone their own rack of quickdraws or trad gear. So if were sport climbing, you'll need to bring your own draws and if were trad climbing, you guessed it, you need to bring your own cams/hexes/nuts.

What happens when the weather goes bad?

This will depend on the location and time-frame. If the weather forces a cancellation of intermediate trips, we can either reschedule for the next type of trip. So if you signed up for a sport climbing trip, we'll put you on the next one. However, because of differing location costs, there could be a either a partial refund or a need to charge more, just depends where the trip is going. If rescheduling doesn't sound like the way to go, we can always issue a full refund.

Guided Climbing Trips