Local Outdoor Climbing

Ready for your next climbing adventure? This is where it all begins. Below you will find some FAQs about the trips and our sign-up page. Local trips start at $125.00 plus tax per person!

NTOPC Outdoor Members can go to these events FOR FREE!

What trips are local?

Not all climbing locations are the same.  Some take a 5 minute walk to get to from the parking lot, others take 10 miles. Local trips are easy access, available to climbers of any age, and you can sign up for these trips with no prior knowledge. Training is provided on location and NTOPC Guides are always present.

Local Trips

  • Wichita Wildlife Refuge - Lawton, OK
  • Reimer's Ranch - Austin, TX

What should you bring with you?

These trips are simply for the day. We start early in the morning, climb until the sun starts going down, then pack up and go home. NTOPC provides all gear like ropes, harnesses, hardware, and helmets. So basically all you need to do is show up with proper attire considering the weather and bring your own water/sports drink and food/snacks.

What happens if it rains out?

In the case of inclement weather, there are two options available. We can either move your sign-up to another date of your choosing (no fees of course) or issue a full refund.