Outdoor Climbing Mentorship

Dinner Ledge on Washingtons Column in Yosemite Valley! Where do you go to learn to climb? Where do you start? Who knows how to do this stuff, for real? We do at the Silos! If your looking to transition to outdoor climbing whether it be sport, traditional or bigwall/Aid climbing, we have you covered.

Members of the SCC have the opportunity to be mentored by professional outdoor climbers and is part of your member benefits.

If you would like to be mentored please contact Christopher Gibson at northtexasopc@gmail.com.

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Outdoor Climbing Mentoring Process

Beginner Outdoor Climb

You learned how to tie in with a figure eight and belay with an ATC now what?  Your goal is to climb on real rock, then this is where you start. We cover climbing etiquette, equipment, knots, safety, climbing commands, belaying, and the opportunity to climb on real rock. The rest of the day is spent climbing on top rope protected climbs topping out at 70′. Climbs range from easy 5.6 to moderate 5.10
Now spend some time climbing with us on one of our climbing trips.
Core Skills Clinic

You been on a few of our climbing trips now we will learn the basic climbing knots and friction hitches and how they are used in outdoor rock climbing. Time will be allowed for a session on rappelling. Required for mentoring program.

The Physical, Mental and Emotional Aspects of Lead Climbing

Prepares students physically, mentally and emotionally to climb above the anchor.  Climbers have a habit of focusing on the physical aspects of climbing without thinking about the mental and emotional aspects of outdoor climbing which more often than not has a greater impact on your performance.  We will discuss what it means to be a climber and great partner, how to prepare for the mental demands of climbing, accidents and deaths that happen in our sport.

Sport / Lead Outdoor Course

Designed for those who have a basic understanding of climbing knots and friction hitches. Course will cover lead belaying, lead climbing, proper clipping, communication, top rope, belay and rappel anchors, route threading and cleaning, rappelling techniques, rope management and will build upon the the core skills clinic.

Bolted Routes Multi-Pitch Clinic

Multi-pitch climbing brings a certain freedom to the climber that cannot be had in the single pitch environment. With this freedom come added risks to the leader and his second. The multi-pitch course is designed for the experienced climber to provide the tools and techniques used to mitigate risk and proper management through the transitions, multiple rappels, descent and retreat (bail) if necessary.

Traditional Climbing

Traditional climbing is taught through our mentoring program if your goal is to climb in the traditional style schedule an appointment with Christopher Gibson northtexasopc@gmail.com to discuss your goals.

Bigwall Aid Climbing

Aid climbing is taught through our mentoring program Semester on the Rocks, if your goal is to climb wall style schedule an appointment below with Christopher Gibson northtexasopc@gmail.com to discuss your goals.