Outdoor Climbing School

Where do you go to learn to climb? Where do you start? Who knows how to do this stuff, for real? We do at the NTOPC! We've trained thousands of climbers in the ways of the ropes and we can train you too. When the concrete of the silos was poured in 1950 it was built to last. Eight inches thick and reinforced with steel, our climbing walls have the added ability to drill and drop-in the same bolts and hangers used for outdoor climbing. Giving our gym the unique ability to learn, train, and climb just like you would outdoors in the real world.

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Beginner Outdoor Climbing Courses

Gym to Rock Course

Our Gym to Rock Program is for the experienced gym climber that is ready to take your climbing outdoors to advance to the basics of rope work, anchor setups and equipment limitations. Includes a solid foundation in outdoor climbing skills from belaying outdoors, top rope anchor building, rappelling systems and the many variations of these systems.

Core Skills Clinic

Student will learn the basic climbing knots and friction hitches and how they are used in outdoor rock climbing. Time will be allowed for a session on rappelling.  Required for advanced rock courses.

Intermediate Courses

Sport/ Lead Climbing Course

This course prepares students physically and mentally to climb above the anchor and is designed for those who have a basic understanding of climbing knots and friction hitches. Course will cover lead belaying, lead climbing, proper clipping, communication, top rope, belay and rappel anchors, route threading and cleaning, rappelling techniques, rope management and will build upon the the core skills clinic.

Multi-Pitch Clinic

Multi-pitch climbing brings a certain freedom to the climber that cannot be had in the single pitch environment. With this freedom come added risks to the leader and his second. The multi-pitch course is designed for the experienced climber to provide the tools and techniques used by guides to mitigate risk.

Advanced Courses

Traditional Climbing 1 & 2

This course is designed to give the aspiring lead climber more confidence and skills to start lead climbing independent of an instructor. In this course we will spend a fair amount of our time honing the student’s practical skills of solid gear placement, constructing belay anchors, rope management and resting and belay stances. It is our experience that if the student feels solid on these basic aspects then the student will have greater confidence when lead climbing and will be less intimidated. Time will also be spent on the less obvious skills that provide a psychological boast when lead climbing such as planning your route, choosing your gear and racking and reducing rope drag. Mock leads will be followed up by the student traditionally leading climbing routes within their abilities. Traditional Climbing II will be designed as a student led climbing trip with the student selecting the routes, making the approach and leading the routes.

Introduction to Aid Climbing

Big Wall Systems and Techniques

Outdoor Climbing Courses